About Us

Who We Are.

Kubota Engineering and Foundry Pvt Ltd was established in February 2004 with a mandate to manufacture industrial and agricultural equipment, suspension and gearboxes, to supply, install and maintain all systems. Since then, Kubota Engineering has since become a force to reckon within the manufacturing industry.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Kubota Motor Services is that of quality and service. To this end, our entire operation revolves around the customer and vehicle care. With all staff embracing its philosophy, Kubota Motor Services is already leading the industry in the pursuit of unparalleled quality and service at a competitive price.

Our Mission

To serve the Zimbabwean Industry by providing high-quality machined, fabricated and cast products to customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Provision of Innovative Industrial, Agricultural, domestic and automotive engineering solutions locally and regionally.

Core Objective

To be the preferred Engineering services provider by offering satisfying results to our clients


Zimbabwe is in the throes of an Economic crisis, which has seen several manufacturing companies closing for various reasons. We would want to come and commit ourselves to find a way by linking the supply chain in the area.


Our Values















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